Neolex. Figma design system Bundle - Default + Dark Theme

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Organized and easy-to-use dashboard library for Figma. Made of components & instances. Crafted with attention to naming and constraints. This UI kit allows to build 100% responsive apps by reusing frequent dashboard UX patterns which are included. You will discover an impressive amount of ideas served as Figma templates for mobile & desktop.

Build clear and usable dashboards with components

What's included

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  • Helps to design responsive dashboards and webapps in Figma
  • 411+ constrained components & well-crafted UI widgets
  • 86+ frequent and reusable templates for mobile📱 and desktop💻
  • Powered by free Montserrat and Encode Sans fonts
  • Equipped with adjustable global text & color styles
  • Organized and labeled for a faster workflow

Layouts categories: Authentication, Blog, Dashboard, Ecommerce, File Manager, Media, Kanban, Navigation, Pricing Plans, User's Profile, Settings, Social and more to come in upcoming updates...


skip creating from scratch those boring UI items along with a project. Use Neolex Design System to concentrate on the prototyping, not on pixel routine


our Design Systems allow you to learn or enhance prototyping skills. Jump into the design process, where you only need to drag and fit a fine component

Managers & Owners,

our every design system is ready to be published for team purposes and provides an opportunity to quickstart massive prototyping immediately

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Neolex Default
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Neolex. Figma design system Bundle - Default + Dark Theme

0 ratings